We appreciate the opportunity to serv DFW. Our goal is to perform beyond the standard of care by being professional, providing quality workmanship, and implementing processes and procedures that benefit all materially interested parties.

Need to file an insurance claim?



Going through a disaster or recovering from an accident is already difficult enough to navigate through. Our customer centric vision means we are always on standby for you 24/7 to help, guide and support you through the mitigation process.


Water extraction and advanced structural drying is considered on a case-by-case basis. Every home and building is different. We use our training from the IICRC and apply the standard principles of drying to guide us through every step.

Process Driven

Our documentation will ensure all material interested parties are well informed throughout every aspect of the process. We leverage industry leading  software to provide accurate, fast & detailed reporting for every claim, large and small.


Our goal is for every job is the same; to mitigate further secondary damage caused by a water loss and make sure we look at every problem from all angles to help you Bounce Back! Although our profession is reactive, our approach to every job is proactive.


Our initial inspection involves identifying the water source, the affected areas, and the affected materials. We also evaluate and sort through any pre-existing and/or secondary damages that might have developed as a result from the primary damage.

After a drying plan has been established, the property owner will be briefed with an outlined plan of actions based on an honest assessment of the damages.

Work Authorization

After the pre-inspection process is complete, and the property owner has a good understanding about the proposed scope of work, a Work Authorization will be drafted and prepared for review.

This document outlines the rights of the property owner, establishes the terms of agreement, as well as explaining and defining the project costs. Work will usually commence immediately after this document is read, acknowledged and signed by the property owner.

Documentation & Set-up

For every structure we dry, no matter how large or small, due diligence is needed. The methods we use to capture and record relevant data are designed to give peace of mind to any materially interested party.

If you’re planning on filing an insurance claim we will provide any and all necessary documentation from before, during and after the drying process to satisfy the requirements of your provider, including but not limited to:

      • Infrared thermal scan imaging
      • 3D model of affected and non-affected areas
      • Laser calibrated digital layout of structure
      • Equipment usage report
      • Daily moisture reading log
      • Comprehensive photo report of before, during, after the drying process
      • Line item report detailing project

If an insurance claim is being filed, we will request basic policy information and claim number.

Begin Drying

After we’ve done our due diligence we will begin implementing the drying plan by placing various equipment needed for drying, including extraction machines if needed. Extraction will take place initially with the remainder of the equipment being monitored over the next few days. Typically, we power the equipment from electricity supplied from within the structure. A detailed report outlining kilowatt usage is available.

Depending on the category of water, containment barriers may be implemented to reduce contaminants and particles from spreading to unaffected areas.

Our goal is to save as much material as possible. Only when necessary, removal and/or demolition of certain materials may be required to properly dry a structure. In all cases, the property owner will be advised when this is necessary.

Monitor Progress Daily

After the drying process is initiated we will need to make daily visits to monitor progress. Adjustments to equipment may be necessary depending on the conditions.

Our goal is to successfully dry the structure in the shortest amount of time because we understand that the process can be very inconvenient sometimes. We request for the equipment to remain powered throughout the duration of the project and for the system set-up to remain untampered to ensure the best results.

No matter your schedule we always extend our best to maintain a high degree of flexibility when accessing the property to reduce any further inconvenience from the water loss.

Confirm & Complete Drying Process

Once after we have established that the structure has been properly dried, we will begin disassembling all equipment and perform a final clean up.

After a project has finished the drying process, we will provide all of the final documentation within 48-72 hours.

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